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    Welcome to Gluten.info, your trusted gateway to the gluten-free lifestyle! Born from a passion for health and the joy of inclusive eating, our platform is dedicated to offering a rich assortment of gluten-free resources.

    Whether you’re managing celiac disease, embracing a gluten-free diet for health reasons, or simply exploring new, wholesome ways to dine, we’re here to guide you.

    What’s in store for you?

    • Global Gluten-Free Guide: Explore Over 60,000 Worldwide Eateries! Featuring in-depth reviews from our global community, this guide ensures you’ll discover the finest gluten-free dining experiences, no matter your destination.
    • Curated Gluten-Free Recipes: Embark on a Day-Long Culinary Adventure: Our extensive selection of kitchen-tested, gluten-free recipes invites you to explore a universe of flavors. Perfectly suited for every meal, mood, and moment, these recipes promise delightful dining from sunrise to sunset.
    • Insightful Articles: Keep a pulse on the gluten-free world with our informative articles. From decoding dietary needs and demystifying food labels to uncovering the latest gluten-free products, we’re your go-to source for all things gluten-free.
    • Vibrant Community Support: Immerse yourself in a community where shared stories and tips create a tapestry of support. Engage with fellow gluten-free enthusiasts in a space that’s as welcoming as it is inspiring.

    Who We Are?

    Meet Bernhard and Caro, the heart and soul behind our gluten-free haven. Both living a gluten-free lifestyle themselves, they understand the journey’s intricacies and the quest for delicious, safe food options.

    United by a common mission, they embarked on a quest to simplify gluten-free living for everyone. But they’re not alone; their vision is amplified by a robust network of researchers, nutritionists, chefs, and industry experts.

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